news & updates

• if you have a question or would like a commission, please send me a direct message on my twitter page.
• twitter is where i post commission related information right now. that is where i am currently the most active in terms of interacting with my fans and clients.
click here to view my trello. this is basically a written record of all queued, pending, and completed art! it is updated about every other day, basically whenever i complete art or open slots.
a note on wait times: as you can see, my trello is currently very packed! i take on a lot of new art to pay the bills. this has caused things to pile up. i want to keep a consistent effort with each art piece so as to not let down my clients, while also keeping my prices accessible, and i am working on being more efficient. for those of you who have been very patient, thank you. no matter what, i intend to finish every single piece on my trello! the max wait time for art is currently ~3 weeks. if you have any question please send me a message on twitter.

useful links

webpage currently under construction. in the meantime, here's some links, burunya:

<click me to get a meow>

<click me to visit my commissions queue and roster>

<click me to visit my art tumblr page>

<click me to visit my personal tumblr page>

<click me to visit my main twitter page>

<click me to visit my side twitter page>

<click me to visit my personal twitter page>

<click me to purchase my digital art brushes (for procreate only!)>

<click me to visit my patreon (subscribe to see "spicy" art that isn't posted on main, wips, extra stuff, etc)>

<(violin starts playing) spaire chainge...if you have a minuite (i am a thin, starving kitty with a tummy ulcer from not eating!!)>

other fun swag:

<click here to run an early wip demo of my game engine in your browser>

<click me to emulate a modem>

<click me to "scrungify" an image>

<click me to download a 100 GB file of random garbage data>

<click me for a scary experience for chrome users>

<click me to make this page have a creepypasta moment>

about me

• my name is Zoe, short for Zoya. "Roachie" is my internet nickname and is the name of my fursona. She is a combination of a cockroach and a cat.
• i was born in 1997
• i am a woman (some nerds think everyone on the internet is a dude for some reason), albeit, a rather unsexy one. so please do not send me weird emails asking to see my feet!
• i like heisei era Otaku culture, creepypasta, video games, and anime
My Story
• i was a freeter until the corona virus outbreak began. then the place i worked at shut down and like any living creature, i was forced to adapt and make money with my art to stay afloat; currently i draw for a living because i enjoy it much more than dealing with the general public and it's literally the only thing that i'm competent at! as of 2022 i am laying low and preparing to learn another language, get face surgery, change my name, and flee my country, as things are looking increasingly grim for me here.