ad maybe?

Hello friend. I am an artist named Zoya, but you may call me "Zoe" in all contexts. I am more commenly known as "roachie" in various online spheres. I decided to make a website as an online hub to view my artwork and a portal for my customers as a way to store full-resolution artwork to be available for download. This is it. Sorry if it is a bit messy right now. I am working on making it as nice as can be. If you are wondering, all art on here was made by me unless otherwise stated.

I was born in 1997 at the age of just 0, born and raised in the eastern US. I grew up jewish until my parents divorced, then I was able to enjoy bacon and other stuff. I am trying to be a force of good with my artwork. But mostly just trying to pay rent. My rent is $820 a month plus utilities and it is raising next year. I share a bathroom and kitchen with 4 other people. I believe in total bodily autonomy and transhumanism. Late stage capitalism is a force of evil that is trying to kill you constantly.

My writing style is deceptively naive. I'm actually smart, I swear. I just think it's cool to be humble and show a little humility wherever possible so you don't kill the vibe. I like to drink a chilled monster energy on a hot summer's evening. I am a gamer girl.