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  • 2022
  • > 12/18/2022 - adding excel saga + 2002 nurse witch komugi chan OVA
  • > 12/18/2022 - ui update, adding chat back
  • > 12/22/2022 - reorganized some things server-side, added some hand stuff
  • > 12/23/2022 - added some more music, reorganized music
  • > 12/29/2022 - added bocchi the rock, witch from mercury, csm, and girls last tour anime. added pulse movie.
  • 2023
  • > 01/15/2023 - added HS of dead, danganronpa, black lagoon (se1, se2, roberta's blood trail, omake), gunsmith cats, watamote, genshiken season 1 and 2, welcome to NHK, melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, kobayashi dragon maid, and golden boy (whew!). still working on a new (and more performant) frontend but haven't pushed the update yet. for those who are encountering the website freezing for a little while before the DOM loads in, sorry about that. it's my fault for not realizing adding thousands of video elements at once was a terrible idea. anyways, i'm working on a far better version of this where there's one video element that changes sources dynamically. also, the new prototype will be capping the memory at 256 MB so the website doesn't crash. i've been seeing this issue especially on mobile and i'm sorry! it will be fixed soon...

this is a site made by "zoe"

• you can watch, read, and download stuff by browsing the directory links in the navbar
• its mostly just things i like or downloaded from random places
the media files are not hosted by neocities, this site just loads them from where i have stored them elsewhere.
• sorry if a lot of it is dubs, i am working on getting subs. i just like using this site for watching anime while i work, and since i dont know japanese i usually put the english dubs on so i can multitask.
• if you'd like to make a request for something, just reach out to me. i am usually most responsive to twitter or tumblr DMs these days.
With that said, please enjoy your stay! Thank you for visiting.
• if it was not already obvious, none of this stuff is my creative property unless otherwise stated. it is here for educational purposes only.

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