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public facing server with a focus on film, anime and manga geared toward english speakers, so most things will be translated. I'm not paid to maintain this - it is so I can share stuff with my online friends more easily, and for archival purposes. while I include links here, please note that the files are not hosted by Neocities, they are hosted elsewhere. if you would like me to take something down, or contact me in any way, please send an html POST request to the following link: https://discord.com/api/webhooks/1139367744006013019/KYIlnDcgQ8sbiT6GMq3Lg1-lhx7KJMTv8YCF_Fm7shdS6T5SsUldCM42enkula9M2lyw in this format: {"message":"your message, less than 2000 characters"} using javascript FormData object.


  • adding excel saga + 2002 nurse witch komugi chan OVA
  • ui update, adding chat back



  • added some more music
  • reorganized music


  • added bocchi the rock, witch from mercury, csm, and girls last tour anime.
  • added pulse movie.


  • added HS of dead, danganronpa, black lagoon (se1, se2, roberta's blood trail, omake), gunsmith cats, watamote, genshiken season 1 and 2, welcome to NHK, melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, kobayashi dragon maid, and golden boy (whew!).

still working on a new (and more performant) frontend but haven't pushed the update yet.


somewhat of an in-between update of sorts to cope with the increasing size of our library. working on new site engine


titles added: more versions of pulse, ringu, cure (several resolutions for differently sized devices so you can attempt to watch these on your phone). added more genshiken seasons and OVA. added yokohama shopping log, panty and stocking, and alien 9. the alien 9 folder has some interesting things in it since the files were obtained from a DVD rip. development of new site engine along with much cleaner looking code is still underway in between other things.


  • working on a better ui
  • fixing the search bar (sorry if it doesnt fully work yet)
  • batch (streamed) downloads via the 'download current directory', as opposed to downloading files one-by-one. this has been by far extremely difficult to get working reliably. it should work with folders that are less than a few gigs, anything bigger than that and it sort of works, but you will need a tool like 7zip to open the resulting files. anything about 20 gigs doesn't download.


  • lowered the max number of concurrent download threads for batch chunk request to prevent hanging/memory issues
  • reviewed and removed some flash files
  • slowly adding some very large vhs rips to the anime folder since they are large files and can take many hours to upload


site's third main iteration... some features removed (temporarily) while I learn to write better code